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 Main Rules for Rpg

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PostSubject: Main Rules for Rpg   Main Rules for Rpg Icon_minitimeSun Aug 24, 2008 12:05 pm

* Any Roleplay violating these rules will be inspected, and the creator prompted about the problem. If any major changes that effect your ACTIVE RPG are made, please try to fix them!

* Any Roleplay with content considered inappropriate for a family setting WILL be locked and/or deleted depending on severity. The member(s) involved will receive punishment according to their actions.

Rule 1: No Godmoding.

No Godmoding in any Roleplay unless the creator and/or the character's creator gives permission. Remember, the topic creator's rules come first! (However watch for when rules clash. Most people hate the thought of other players speaking for their own character(s))

* Godmoding is forcing any unintended action upon a character not controlled by you.

Examples include:
* Having other's attacks miss all the time.
* Doing literally anything without breaking a sweat (all attacks miss, all attacks hit)
* Speaking for a character that is not yours.
* Controlling another person's character.
* Instant killing.
* These are only a few examples of Godmoding

Rule 2: No Spamming!

* If you are not in the RPG don't talk
* You may read any RPG you want, but you are not allowed to post in any RPG you want (for no reason)
* Don't be rude and post "I can't join this RPG", that's just posting because you want the post count. Posts like that from now on can and will be deleted on sight. It's just mean!

Rule 3: No Plagiarizing!

*And Absolutely no Clone RPGs (the same RPG made by two different people). The only way to play a clone RPG is if you ask the original person if you may use the idea.

*If you did get permission, a thanks to the original creator, a quote from him on a PM, or something stating that he has given you permission to run his or her RPG, must be placed in your first post! The original creator will be able to say if you're lying, so if you did not get permission, you're caught either way!


*Only join the RPG if your are going to be serious about it, if you do not think you can participate, then please choose a less-important role.

*You must play through an RPG completely! Abandoning an RPG is mean! You must close your character's story yourself, or the RPG character will have free grabs to do with your character as he or she wants.

*No one wants to join or start an RPG and find out you got bored and left for another RPG! It's really mean! Place your full attention into all of your RPGs!

Almost copied and pasted from Marriland lol!
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Main Rules for Rpg
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