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 Pokemon Hackers Everywhere

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PostSubject: Pokemon Hackers Everywhere   Fri Aug 29, 2008 7:32 pm

I will Post the Links for the hacking Programs

Of course, there are a few more tools you can use to hack, but those are optional and not required. With only these 6 tools, you can hack almost every aspect of the game.

Here is most of the Programs i use

Oh yes, you must have ZipGenius or 7zip to be able to open the 7z file (WinZip isn't able to). Don't have ZipGenius? Then just get it for free by clicking here. I can guarantee you that there's no viruses in this program.

FAQ coming soon

Edits the Pokemon

Edits the Poke Mart

Pokemon Cry Changer
Changes the Pokemon Cry in the Intro

Edits the Starter Pokemon


Pokemon Fire Red
The Fire Red Link

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Pokemon Hackers Everywhere
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