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 RPG Main Guidelines

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PostSubject: RPG Main Guidelines   RPG Main Guidelines Icon_minitimeSun Aug 24, 2008 4:35 pm

All RPGs are for the members enjoyment

RPG Guidelines
Most RPGs are Required to have:

A Backstory. (A story that leads up to the RPG's present)

The Creator's Guidelines or Rules. (They can conflict with the official rules but only for that RPG.)

A Character Signup Sheet.

* If your RPG does not contain these items you will be prompted either via PM or through a notice in your post (in bold blue letters). If it is not changed within the given time-frame (1 week is the usual), your RPG Might be locked unless its very good.

# You should post at least 4 lines of text in their post (count them in your posting window).

-->NO double posting is allowed (This will greatly cut back the pages of RPGs) (Use the edit button!)

-->If you MUST post something shorter, please acknowledge and or apologize for the short post. (Quality of posts is better than the Quantity of posts)

* Try to be grammatically correct and with your highest possible spelling in your posts, this will stop confusion, and let the RPG run smoother (and stop people from asking what you said)
We will understand if you are not familiar with a language's grammar, however if you are continually posting "i hit u" and "my char wanT 2 Beat u up!" then we're going to take action.

* To help in your correcting, use programs such as Microsoft Word to correct your Spelling and most of your grammar!
(Trust me, the grammar part of Word is NOT the best thing to rely on, I have constantly found times where 'Word' has had my sentences saying stuff like "Which made he sound invincible")

* Also, try to explain as clearly as possible to avoid confusion, if your character is talking, say who you're directing it to, especially when you're near or at a point of at least 2 characters joining another group

Since the RPG Creator has set the story, he or she gets to decide who gets to be the center of attention. Most RPG Creators use their own character so that they may always have track of a story, however it is the Creator's choice not yours.

* Forcibly taking the center of attention may make the RPG turn in a direction the RPG creator did not intend

* The RPG Creator will GIVE permission for your character to be the center of attention. Asking for it will just get him/her mad at you.
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RPG Main Guidelines
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