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PostSubject: Chat Rules   Chat Rules Icon_minitimeSun Aug 24, 2008 5:58 pm

The Xat

1. There is no swearing. People of all ages go on our site, some of which might be offended by swears. There is a new option on xat that blocks swears however, so this rule has become very weak. To activate this option click your name and check the box that says block inappropriate words. If you may want to see one of these words you can just click on the blocker when it appears in the xat.

2. There is no flaming. Flaming is when you are mean to another user on the xat. There is no need for this and it distracts everyone else that is in the xat at that time.

3. No advertising. This rule mainly applies to links. Forums, Rickrolls and xat sites are specifically not allowed to be advertised on the xat. Some sites that are allowed: Youtube, Wikipedia, Photobucket Ect.

4. Respect the admins and mods. They are just there doing what is needed of them. If for some reason you get kicked don't start yelling about it. Stay calm, and follow the rules.

~If for some reason a mod or admin decides to ban you and you think it is unfair please report it, this will send an email to me and I can read the transcript and will decide if this ban was fair or not. This may get the mod/admin in a lower rank on the xat and get you unbanned if you come back.

~If a mod/admin decides to kick you, you can not report it, just wait for me to get in the xat and tell me, this is also considered power abuse but at a lower extent.

5. No spamming. Spamming is when you post long chains of useless messages in a short amount of time. This is something that is very annoying. Spamming distracts members in the xat with the current discussion, so please don't do it. There are several types of spamming in a xat.

~Text spam --> Posting useless words at once.

~Link spam --> Posting links very fast at once.

~Sound spam --> Overusing the sound so much that it forces the other people to mute the xat.

~Smily spam --> Posting many Smiles at once.
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Chat Rules
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